The Story Behind Soleya

Soleya was born in the heart of Copenhagen and at its core embodies a fusion of cultures and the art of jewellery-making. The name 'Soleya,' means 'the one who shines' and it encapsulates the very essence of our core belief.

“Jewellery is more than just a decorative accessory, it is a personal expression of art, designed to capture and reflect the unique light of every individual who wears it.”

Every piece of our fine jewellery is embedded with earthly essences and a gentle infuse of nature that seeks to become a part of your story.

Our Philosophy

Soleya's philosophy harmoniously blends the clean elegance of Scandinavian design with the rich textures of Middle Eastern artistry. 

We believe jewellery exists to share one´s personal narrative and to express the desire for a connection to cultures. Every piece, handcrafted in our Copenhagen workshop, embodies this mindset, merging elegant simplicity with rich, colorful details to be aesthetically pleasing. 

With a deeply rooted commitment to sustainability, Soleya ensures that each piece of jewellery is a testament to ethically-sourced beauty and conscious production. We honor the vibrant life of nature that gently shapes our creations into being.

At Soleya, we craft symbols of bold individuality and cultural heritage, intended to be cherished for generations.

The Founders

Our founder and lead designer, Ziva Azoulay, brings a unique vision to Soleya’s creations. 

Ziva's blend of Moroccan Jewish and Danish roots weaves through every aspect of Soleya's identity, infusing our creations with a deep sense of cultural fusion and artisanal pride. 

Influenced by the serene beauty of Scandinavian landscapes and the vibrant richness of Middle Eastern artistry, Ziva’s designs are a captivating blend of simplicity and organic elegance in every piece.

Alongside Ziva, our co-founder, David Rozsa, brings an essential balance to Soleya, guiding the commercial and strategic pathways. His business skills complement Ziva’s artistic talent, together forging a harmonious blend of creativity and commercial insight.

This partnership forms the foundation of Soleya's success, making sure that our artistic vision is seen and warmly received in the marketplace.

Our Journey ahead

Join us on a journey with Soleya, where the essence of beauty is unapologetically bold and pure. With Soleya, every unique piece of jewellery becomes a meaningful entwine of your story and ours.

We invite you to discover our Elysia collection where past and present merge, capturing the essence of paradise in each sparkle of gold and precious stone.