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"Every jewelry has their own lovestory"


Ziva L. Azoulay is a danish jewelry designer with roots in the middle east. She is educated from Copenhagen School of Design and Technology, and has a bachelor degree in Jewelry, Technology and Business.

It all started with a passion for jewelry from the childhood, that grew into the teen years, and at age 18 Ziva started Pearls by Ziva, which later got the name Ziva Cph Jewelry.

Every Jewelry has a story, and thats what she tries to express in the different collection, but also in the customized jewelry.

"I wrote my bachelor about Ziva Cph Jewelry and the customization process. At that time I saw there is no limit when it comes to interacting with the customers. Thats why I want to make it easy for people to buy and see the customized jewelry, before paying for it."